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This is 1 of the reasons WHY we started buying Organic!!! We bought some non-organic apples and they were HEAVILY coated with wax (I didn’t have this issue when I bought Organic)!!! Then when I cut the non-organic apple open there was brown spots everywhere inside!🍎🍏😩😖😤😷

That apple had to be weeks/months old but the wax probably “sealed in the freshness” slowing down the aging process. 😱😨😰

Please buy organic when it comes to fruit or veggies with a thin skin membrane (if you can’t afford to buy all organic). Grapes, Apples, Cucumbers, Strawberries, and Blueberries are examples of things you should always buy organic.


Anything with a thick skin: Melons, Coconuts, etc. would be something that doesn’t have a thick skin but I personally would still want to buy ALL foods organic. Most importantly PRAY OVER YOUR FOOD!!!🙏

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