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Cooking Oil Guidelines:
This is just a general guideline as I know many people will use what they choose to use regardless of how healthy or unhealthy certain oils are so now you know what is healthy and what is not per my previous post use this chart at your discretion. **Remember that COCONUT OIL is good for ALL TYPES of cooking methods. You can’t go wrong with coconut oil.
I’m off to finish getting ready to catch my flight and I will talk with you all soon! Thanks again for praying for my aunt as I will keep you all posted on her well being. God bless.
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***The next post will be on which oils to use for certain cooking methods***
This current post is a #repost from my archives because many of you ask me which oils are healthiest to use so instead of tagging you all… I thought to just repost it again. If you DO NOT see an oil on here that you use and are curious if it is healthy or not ASK BELOW in the comments and if I do not know I will then tell you to do your own research as I have done. If you have some knowledge to spread feel free to leave a comment as well.
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Sorry I have been M.I.A. today. I’ve been running ragged getting ready to fly out to Wichita, Ks tomorrow evening to visit family.
I am posting this picture to ask my prayer warriors to pray for my Great Aunt (Annie Birdell) who is in the hospital due to having a seizure and is being moved to a rehabilitation center.
I pray for her healing (speedy recovery) and that she bounces back to her “old self”. She is 92 years young and full of spunk as you can see in the picture. Thank you in advance and I’ll talk with you all soon. God bless.
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If you haven’t tried reflexology I urge you to give it a GO! It is VERY therapeutic! I practice it on London often, especially when she’s fussy, “fighting sleep” and now that she’s teething. I have even used this on my pet Lucky when he ate something that made him really sick. After the session he vomited what made him sick and he was running around as if he was never ill.
A great site to check out on easy to follow visual directions on how to start is: www.how-to-do-reflexology.com/
An informative site to check in regards to which oils to use when performing reflexology is: http://www.thejoyofreflexology.com/Essential%20Oils.htm
Reflexology is a wonderful complementary therapy anyone can do. At the site listed above they are dedicated to make reflexology available to everyone, they believe everyone should be able to learn no matter where they are.
It can be used as part of routine health program or to get rid of a hangover, or to get the baby to sleep… Reflexology is for everybody!
Reflexology is great because:

- it promotes relaxation and balance

- there is only a handful of techniques

- its really easy to remember which parts of the hands and feet correspond to which body parts.
They provide info on: •Foot Reflexology Charts •Face Charts •Hand Charts •Ear Charts

There is lots of other great info on the site, like: •Reflexology Techniques including step by step instructions •Detailed, rich History of Reflexology •Answers to Frequently Asked Reflexology Questions

- Relaxes the body and mind

- Promotes balance in the body and the body systems

- Increases blood circulation to the organs and around the entire body
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This flat bread can be topped with your favorites and made into fun dishes such as tostadas, sandwiches, and pizza!!! Enjoy.
::: Grain Free Coconut Flour Flatbread :::
Source: TheCoconutMama.com
•1 1/2 Tablespoons Coconut Flour
•1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil, Melted
•1 Egg or an Egg Replacer (Such as: Ener-G Egg Replacer: Follow Directions on the box …

- OR - Flax Egg: Mix 1 Tbsp of Flax Meal with 3 Tbsp of Water, Mix well and let sit for 5 minutes to thicken and add to the recipe as advised for a regular egg)
•1/8 Teaspoon Sea Salt (Revised *Notes: The original recipe called for 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. After further testing the creator felt like less sea salt was needed.)
•1/4 Teaspoon Baking Powder …

– OR - ( ***Make your own Homemade grain free baking powder*** Ingredients:
•1/2 Cup Baking Soda •1/2 Cup Arrowroot Powder or Tapioca Starch
•1 Cup Cream of Tartar //
- Mix baking soda, arrowroot powder and cream of tartar together.
- Store in an air tight container.
- Use in place of commercial baking powder in recipes. This recipe makes approximately 2 cups of baking powder.)
- Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
- Mix coconut flour, sea salt, and baking powder together until combined.
- Add egg or Egg replacer (according to directions above) and melted coconut oil and mix well.
- Let batter sit for a few minutes to allow the flour to absorb the liquid.
- Scoop half the batter on baking pan and us a spatula to spread batter into a circle the size of a bun.
- Repeat using the rest of the batter. - Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown.
- You may want to bake this on a parchment lined cookie sheet to avoid sticking.
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Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy.
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E-mail Me At: ILoveHealthyCravings@gmail.com to get health info on ways to detox and info on alkalinity. Tag a friend & SHARE THIS INFO!
•When you detoxify your body, you open the door to healing and rejuvenation; in other words, you’re turning back the hands of time on aging or degenerating. Ideally, we as humans should reach and live a life longevity of at least 120 years; however, most people will be happy just to reach age 65 (the federal retirement age), which is really sad and a shame.
•Detoxifying our bodies answers our body’s prayer for us to give it an internal shower and tune up. We are conscious about cleaning the external body, but not the internal body. Detoxifying our bodies helps us to eliminate toxic waste accumulations, mucus, parasites and worms (that steal what little nutrition we get or have in our bodies), excess fat, fluid buildup (cellulite), old and hardened fecal matter buildup, and many more unsightly and odorous things that play a pivotal role in sabotaging and comprising optimal health.
•The results after detoxifying include more resilient skin and complexion, weight loss (10-50 pounds), less headaches, more energy, clearer sense of feeling and thinking; a more positive outlook on life, more willpower; less diseases and sicknesses throughout the year, and many more amazing things.
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To all the parents who ask me about OTC drugs such as Tylenol or what I do/will do when London gets sick or has a fever. Well, there are many things I do before running to the doctor EVERYTIME she sneezes, coughs, or runs a slight fever.
First, I want to highly recommend a book that I believe all parents should own and read cover to cover and that is: “How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor” - by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD —-> You will be blessed by this book. 😉

So back to the question at hand. Personally, I would never give my child(ren) Tylenol or the like because it is toxic and does more harm than good to their body. A fever is a good thing as it helps kill the virus that invades the body so when we stop the fever we are only prolonging the sickness and sometimes we make it worse. But what do you do when your child is suffering and the fever becomes “too high” and a heat rash occurs.
Well, when London was sick recently and her temp hit 103•F and she needed relief (she is a fighter and handled her first cold very well) I gave her: B&T (Boericke & Tafel) Colds & Flu Children’s Alpha CF Natural Homeopathic Tablets. She woke up the next morning fever free and feeling like a million bucks. I also gave her Elderberry Syrup as well and rubbed her down with A mix of Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil. These are just a few things as there are tons of natural remedies. Not to mention I prayed heavily over her well-being as well. Prayer works!
**PLEASE NOTE: Being that I’m not a doctor I cannot tell you all what to give your child. All I can tell you LEGALLY is what I do for mine and what helped greatly. Please do your research so you can feel at ease when administering things to your child(ren) as they are counting on you to truly take care of them. If you give or have given your child(ren) OTC drugs DO NOY beat yourself up. I am just urging you to RESEARCH everything. God bless.
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1. Lack of Sleep Ages Your Skin:
Most people have experienced sallow skin and puffy eyes after a few nights of missed sleep. But it turns out that chronic sleep loss can lead to lackluster skin, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol. In excess amounts, cortisol can break down skin collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic.
Sleep loss also causes the body to release too little human growth hormone. When we’re young, human growth hormone promotes growth. As we age, it helps increase muscle mass, thicken skin, and strengthen bones.
2. Sleep Loss Dumbs You Down:
Sleep plays a critical role in thinking and learning. Lack of sleep hurts these cognitive processes in many ways.
3. Sleep Deprivation Can Lead to Serious Health Problems:
Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for:
•Heart disease •Heart attack •Heart failure •Irregular heartbeat •High blood pressure •Stroke •Diabetes
4. Lack of Sleep Kills Sex Drive:
Sleep specialists say that sleep-deprived men and women report lower libidos and less interest in sex. Depleted energy, sleepiness, and increased tension may be largely to blame.
5. Sleepiness Is Depressing:
Over time, lack of sleep and sleep disorders can contribute to the symptoms of depression.
6. Sleepiness causes accidents: Sleep loss is a big public safety hazard every day on the road. Drowsiness can slow reaction time as much as driving drunk. Also, studies show that sleep loss and poor-quality sleep also lead to accidents and injuries on the job.
7. Sleepiness Makes You Forgetful:
Trying to keep your memory sharp? Try getting plenty of sleep.
8. Losing Sleep Can Make You Gain Weight:
When it comes to body weight, it may be that if you snooze, you lose. Lack of sleep seems to be related to an increase in hunger and appetite, and possibly to obesity.
9. Lack of Sleep May Increase Risk of Death: In the “Whitehall II Study,” British researchers looked at how sleep patterns affected the mortality of more than 10,000 British civil servants over two decades.
•Source: http://www.m.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/

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